Most international freight traffic happens on roads, such as the busy route between Finland and St. Petersburg. Road transport presents its own set of challenges, including pollution, accidents and road network congestion. Inland waterway traffic, however, could constitute a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option that also attracts the interest of transport companies.

INFUTURE - Future Potential for Inland Waterways


South-East Finland - Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020

Budget 1,2 MEUR. Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

Implementation time 1 November 2018 - 31 October 2021

Objectives of the Project

  • Open new attractive business opportunities and possibilities in the frames of Inland Waterways

  • Higher cargo volumes and longer traffic season

  • Strong stakeholder commitment


Project Partners

  • Kotka Maritime Research Association KMRA (Lead Partner)

  • Aalto University AALTO

  • South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK

  • SeaHow (Meritaito)

  • Finnish Waterways FWA

  • Admiral Makarov State University for Maritime and Inland Shipping MAKAROV

  • North-West Russia Logistics and Information Development Centre ILOT

NEWS and ARTICLES published in the frames of the INFUTURE project

  • 18.8.2020 Future Potential of Russian and Finnish Inland Waterways - New Business Alternatives > ARTICLE in English

  • 16.4.2020 Vesitieliikenne on kuljetusmuotojen ykkönen- älyratkaisut vahvistavat keulapaikkaa -> ARTICLE in Finnish

  • 6.4.2020 Vesitiepäivä: Saimaan kanava on tärkeä liikenneväylä myös venäläisestä näkökulmasta katsottuna - > ARTICLE in Finnish

  • 7.2.2020 Development of Inland Waterway Connections and Potential between Finland and Russia - > ARTICLE in English

  • 7.2.2020 Vesitiepäivä 2020 - vesitiet ja kestävä kehitys - > ARTICLE in Finnish

  • 21.10.2019 Comprehensive Academic Studies on Finnish - Russian IWT - > ARTICLE in English

  • 20.9.2019 INFUTURE Seminar: Inland Waterways and Cargo Potential - > ARTICLE in English

  • 20.9.2019 Development of Inland Waterway Cruise Business -> ARTICLE in English

  • 28.8.2019 INFUTURE Round Tables 18.9. in Conjunction with the NEVATRANS - > ARTICLE in English

  • 10.-11.4.2019 INFUTURE - Development of Inland Waterway Connection Between Finland and Russia - > ARTICLE in English

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