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Strong Commitment Brings Good Results

Today we had a Steering group meeting of the INFUTURE project online of course due to the pandemic situation. The Steering group meeting is to go through the whole project and to hear the progress with in the work packages since the previous meeting.

I must say that every meeting has been very interesting as we have all heard and learned about the new studies and proceedings within the project.

The latest outcomes about which we will inform you more in the near future are

  • Feasibility study on Development of Transportation on the Saimaa Canal by Admiral Makarov State Universty of Maritime and Inland Shipping (AMSUMIS) and Marine Cargo Bureau

    • An article published already and if interested to receive the whole report, please do contact us. > Article

  • Transhipment hub concept – Study Report by South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK)

    • An article to be published soon

  • Ice measuring at Saimaa conducted by Aalto university

  • New vessel concept testing by Aalto University and AMSUMIS

  • Simulation project - Navigation on Inland Waterways conducted by XAMK

  • Buoy testings at Saimaa and at Neva and Ladoga lake conducted by Arctia Meritaito and AMSUMIS

  • Piloting of Navigation via IWW Finland-Russia with the aim to navigate on Russian waters with a vessel not sailing under Russian flag.

No matter the situation and not been able to see each other the project has proceeded very well and according to the plans.

We will soon start to prepare for the Final Conference of the project. We have high hopes to be able to held that as a hybrid meeting that at least some of us good meet face to face and in addition of sharing knowledge and information also to network.

We all do miss that a lot!

I personally want to thank all project partner colleagues for the excellent work!

INFUTURE - the Future Potential of Inland Waterways funded by The South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014–2020 programme with the total budget of EUR 1,251,538 has had a strong commitment by all project partners, listed below, since the beginning.

The project consists of four work packages

  • WP 1) Transhipment Hub Development

  • WP 2) Inland Waterways Fairway Technologies

  • WB 3) Inland Waterways Vessel Concept

  • WB 4) Active Stakeholder Engagement and Wide Dissemination of the Results

Text and Photo: Heli Koukkula-Teixeira, Executive Director, Association of Finnish Waterways


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