The main objective of the AFW is the promotion, development and effective use of coastal and inland waterway transport as well as the needed operating conditions. AFW intends to contribute to the discussion and influence, as well as learn new things and share the knowledge and expertise.


The core of the action is formed by the Expertise Forums, where members gather around some actual theme giving their best skills and expertise to the benefit of fulfilling the objectives of the Association.

The Association organizes annually wide-range seminars and networking events, as well as smaller round table debates on topical issues, where members and stakeholders are invited.

In addition, the Association organizes excursions and educational visits in Finland as well as abroad. When choosing the visiting destination, the members’ wishes and the topicality are taken into account.



The Expert Forums act as preparatory working groups on variety of activities related to the current work and development projects, as well as requests for opinions.

The topics for Forums are determined by the Board, who also invites the members and external experts, if any, according to the subject.

Expert forums can operate either regionally or by branch.

Among the results of an Expert Forum there may be the following: an analysis, report, statement, bulletin or even a seminar to a wider audience.



The Association organizes annually seminars and networking events for its members and other stakeholders.

The most traditional seminar event is the Winter Seminar, which takes place in Lappeenranta around the Closing Ceremony of the Saimaa Canal transport season.



> Materials from the seminars



The Association organizes once a year, usually in autumn, an excursion or an educational visit to one of the destinations in Finland or abroad, which is topical and wished, proposed by the members.

The tours take generally about 1-3 days and include a number of places to visit.




Through this link HERE, you will find the materials from the seminars and educational visits organized by the AFW. By clicking the presentation name (bold and underlined), you can open the file in a new window. The presentation materials are either in Finnish (FIN) or English (ENG). The materials are stored as pdf-files. For downloading, you need the Adobe Reader program. You can download the free Adobe Reader program, for example, through this link to Adobe Reader.