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Inland Waterways: Strategic Potential for Growth - Conference 20.9.2021

Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping is organising an international conference on Inland Waterways "Strategic Potential for Growth", September 20th, 2021 in St.Petersburg.

The conference is organised as hybrid and you can participate the event in person or online.

The topics of the conference are:

  • Bottlenecks’ and growth factors for inland waterway transportation;

  • Strategic initiatives in the field of river transportation development:

  • Russian and foreign experience;

  • New technologies for extending the navigation period on northern rivers;

  • The role of river ports and transport and logistics centers in the formation of logistics chains for the delivery of goods with the participation of inland waterway transport;

  • Navigation and hydrographic support of river navigation;

  • Digital transformation in river transport;

  • Government regulation and support mechanisms for the river industry;

  • Topical issues of design and construction of new river vessels;

  • International cooperation in river navigation.

To register yourself, please contact Anatoly Burkov, burkovav(a) or Heli Koukkula-Teixeira, heli.koukkula(a) and we will send you the link for registration.


11:00 Registration

12:00 Opening of the Conference

  • Konstantin Anisimov – Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot Agency

  • Aleksandr Sitov – First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg

Greetings from the project partners from the Russian and Finnish sides:

  • Sergei Baryshnikov – Rector of Admiral Makarov SUMIS

  • Anna Kiiski – Executive Director of Merikotka (Kotka Maritime Research Association, Finland)

12:15-13:30 Session 1: Growth of Traffic on Inland Waterways as One of the Priority Areas for the Development of Transport Systems in Russia and the EU

Moderator – Tatiana Pantina, Admiral Makarov SUMIS

  • «Governmental and industrial co-operation for the strategic growth for inland waterways» Pekka Koskinen, Brave Logistics Co. Ltd., Association of Finland Waterways (AFW, Finland)

  • «Prospects and directions for the growth of transport by inland waterways in the context of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals» Speaker to be confirmed, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • «Topical issues of the development of transportation on the Saimaa Canal» Maxim Nevezhin, FGU «Saimaa Canal»

  • «Role of river ports and transport and logistics centers in the formation of logistics chains for the delivery of goods with the participation of inland waterway transport» Gunnar Platz, PLANCO Consulting GmbH (Germany)

  • «Тransshipment hub development as a way of enhanced utilization of inland waterways» Anna Kiviniitty, University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland (XAMK, Finland)

  • «Strategic initiatives for the development of transportation between the Saimaa waterway system and inland waterways of the Russian Federation» Anton Svechkarev, Dmitry Neslukhov, «Neva-Hagen» shipping Company Ltd.

Session 2: Innovation Technologies and Strategic Initiatives in River Shipping

Moderator – Vladimir Karetnikov, Admiral Makarov SUMIS

  • «Innovative technologies for the operation of the inland waterways of the Volgo-Balt» Vyacheslav Bekryashev, FBU «Volgo-Balt Administration»

  • «Development of new competences for the use of alternative fuels; overview of hydrogen fuel cell implementation on MV «Emeli»» Arjen Mintjes, Maritime Academy of Harlingen (the Netherlands), EDINNA (EU)

  • «Main aspects of extending the navigation period on the Neva River and Lake Ladoga» Sergey Rudykh, Vladimir Karetnikov, Admiral Makarov SUMIS

  • «Modernized innovative polymer buoys for inland waterways of the Russian Federation» Maksim Stepanov, «Navigator SPb» Co.Ltd.

  • «Modern fairway technologies in inland waterways» Kari Pohjola, Arctia Co. Ltd. (Finland)

  • «Problems of introducing modern innovative technologies in the field of lighting equipment on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation» Eugeny Nabatov,«Pulsar» Co.Ltd., dealer of Sabik Marine and Arctia Co.Ltd.

  • «Application of the risk-based approach to ensure the safety of navigation in the context of prolongation of navigation on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation» Andrey Prokhorenkov, Admiral Makarov SUMIS

14:30-15:30 Lunch Break

15:30-16:30 Session 3: New Ship Designs: Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator – Alexander Egorov, «Marine Engineering Bureau» Co.Ltd.

  • «Modern trends in the design of river vessels: domestic and foreign experience» Alexander Egorov, Mikolay Avtutov, «Marine Engineering Bureau» Co.Ltd.

  • «New Ship Design: How to combine numerical simulation and model scale testing to validate the new design» Pentti Kujala, Fang Li, Aalto University (Finland)

  • Presentation topic to be confirmed Speaker to be confirmed, Acker Arctic Technologies Co.Ltd. (Finland)

  • «Modern approaches and possibilities of safe maneuvering modelling in the design of new vessels to ensure their operability in the waterways of the Saimaa Canal» Jury Yatsuk, Admiral Makarov SUMIS

  • «Development of recommendations for ensuring the safety of navigation on inland waterways using the method of mathematical modelling» Marina Lebedeva, Admiral Makarov SUMIS

16:25-16:30 Conclusion, Discussion and Summary of the Day

INFUTURE project


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