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Association of Finnish Waterways joins the Inland Waterways International

The Association of Finnish Waterways is happy to announce about becoming a Member of the Inland Waterways International (IWI).

The Inland Waterways International brings together people and organisations who support the conservation, use, development and proper management of inland waterways worldwide. It aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of using waterways for a wide range of activities, from inland water transport to cruising, towpath walking and other recreational uses, as well as appreciating their architectural and landscape values as heritage. It also promotes restoration, where appropriate, of waterways which have become derelict.

Today the membership covers 22 countries from around the world. Its membership includes leading navigation authorities, as well as voluntary bodies, museums and commercial companies. Individual members include both users and experts in the various disciplines.

All have a keen interest in both the history and the modern significance of inland waterways for commercial carrying and recreational use.

The World Canals Conference is the opportunity to bring together hundreds of canal enthusiasts, professionals and scholars from around the world, to exchange good practices on canals, including the protection of historic canals or features, revitalization of canal systems, harbour sites, canal trails and amenities; the presentation or interpretation of canals and corridors – their history and various elements; canals as a means to promote tourism, spur economic development and urban renewal.

Hosting the World Canals Conference

The Association of Finnish Waterways have expressed their interest to host the World Canals Conference in Finland and at Saimaa area in the coming years. Saimaa will be a perfect place for such a Conference as the Saimaa Canal project has been finalised.

The project to lengthen the Saimaa Canal lock chambers has received funding from the state amending budget for 2020. The approximate cost of the project is MEUR 90€. The aim of the project is to promote the operating conditions of water transport in the Saimaa Canal and the Saimaa Lake area and to reduce transport costs by enabling longer vessels on the Saimaa Canal and the deep-water network to the ports of Varkaus and Joensuu. The project will extend the canal locks by 11 meters by renewing and moving the upper gates of the locks. The Saimaa Canal is also being developed by raising the water level, MEUR 5 € was allocated for this project.

Mr David Edwards-May, France, is the President of the IWI.

The Association of Finnish Waterways is looking forward to this co-operation!


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