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Port of Eurajoki – a Rarity on the West Coast of Finland

Located near the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant, the private port of Eurajoki, known as EcoPorts Finland Ltd as well, is a real rarity on the western coast of Finland. Firstly, it is the only private port on the west coast that also acts as a port operator and provider of agency services as well. In addition, it is the only female-led port in Finland. Thus, the smaller size does not tell everything, and on the contrary, it enables flexible, varied, and definitely cost-effective service.

The history of the Port of Eurajoki dates back to the 1970s, when dam stones were exported to the Netherlands, for example. Today, stone aggregates are still exported and imported through the port, in addition to recycled wood, wood chips, metal and feed, among other goods as well. Despite its small size, the port has mettlesome experience in cargo handling and storing various types of goods. From the summer 2020, through a corporate acquisition, the service offering also includes Heating Ltd’s diverse storage and feed handling services, only 19 kilometers away from the port. Through this acquisition the Port of Eurajoki is able to offer an even more all-encompassing service, from warehousing to tendering of shipowners, for its customers. The port of Eurajoki specializes in smaller transports and special requests – for example, pig irons are imported and transported through the port to foundries all over the country. In addition to this, the port is in a logistically excellent location with fast connections to both the open sea and the sea lanes of the Baltic Sea.

Although the Port of Eurajoki invests in co-operation between local companies and customers, the port may still be a relatively unknown actor to nearby companies. As a result, a long-term plan of EcoPorts Finland is to expand its customer base and its operations through it, also abroad. According to the CEO of EcoPorts Finland and the director of the port, Kaisa Castrén, the goal of the port is to act as a business development partner for other companies in the future: “We have been in contact with nearby companies with the idea that exporting or importing through our port could be a reckoned business opportunity for both smaller and bigger companies. Our customers are not only in the Satakunta region, but also elsewhere in Finland and also often outside the Finnish borders in Europe.” The transport of goods by the is forecasted to be quite an upward trend, which is why Castrén recommends serious consideration of export and import operations even for smaller companies. “Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – let’s catch up and realize the expansion plans of your businesses!”

For further information about the company > EcoPorts Finland

Or you can contact the CEO, Kaisa Castrén, kaisa.castren(a)

EcoPorts Finland is a Member of the Association of Finnish Waterways.


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