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Fleet of Modern Tug Boats to Secure Finnish Foreign Trade

Alfons Håkans Group - Family Business

Alfons Håkans Group (1945- ) continues to operate as a family business with captain Joakim Håkans at the wheel. The company and its owners take pride in providing reliable and efficient services to its loyal clients. Alfons Håkans’ fleet currently consists of more than 40 modern tugs and a fleet of work boats and barges.

Investing in the Fleet

To secure the safety and functionality of Finnish foreign trade, Alfons Håkans has continuously strengthened its fleet by acquiring new tugs that are suitable for operations in the changing climate of Finland and Estonia. Alfons Håkans signed a contract on two ice class 67-ton bollard pull ASD tugs with Sanmar shipyard in Turkey in 2019. Technical specifications with drawings were done in co-operation with Canadian Robert Allan Ltd and delivery of the new vessels will take place during 2021.

Northern Baltic Sea as Home Waters

These new buildings are the first icebreaking escort tugs to be built for a private operator in Finland. These two state-of-the-art vessels will be delivered to their home waters during the spring and early summer and they will strengthen Alfons Håkans’ fleet in the Northern Baltic Sea. Herewith Alfons Håkans further strengthens its position as the leading towage and salvage company in the Baltic Sea.

Other Operations & Corporate Responsibility

Companies and operations that belong to Alfons Håkans Group today are: Alfons Hakans AS, Alfons Hakans AS Finnish Branch, Finntugs in Kotka, marine construction company Sea Courier, FC Inter Turku, Veritas Stadium and Boatyard & Events Centre “Ruissalo Yard”.

FC Inter Turku runs a junior program for over 400 youth players while the number one team plays in the national top-level league. Veritas Stadium in Kupittaa park is the home venue for FC Inter. A historical boatyard (Åbo Båtvarf 1889-1954) in Ruissalo has been renovated and opened to the public as an event venue with summer restaurants, café & theatre, guest harbour and classic yachts.

Alfons Håkans Harbour Tugs Operate in:

  • Finland

  • Estonia

  • Latvia

Other Operations

  • Sea towage

  • Ice breaking - For Finnish, Swedish and Estonian governments - In the ports of Finland, Estonia & Latvia

  • Offshore operations

  • Salvage

  • Marine construction

For further information about the company:


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