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5.9.2018 Enhancing Inland Waterway Transport in Finland, Lappeenranta, Finland - Vyborg, Russia

> Inland Waterways – the Key Ingredient for Better Mobility (2MB)
Karin de Schepper, Director, Inland Navigation Europe

> Potential of Inland Waterways in Europe – EMMA Findings (3MB)
Stefan Breitenbach, Head of Project Department, Port of Hamburg Marketing

> Maritime Traffic and Connections to Local Inland Waterways in the BSR (3MB)
Pekka Koskinen, Vice Chairman/FWA & Senior Consultant/Brave Logistics

> Inland Waterways in Sweden – Ambitions, Challenges and Opportunities (1MB)
Björn Garberg, Strategic Planner, Swedish Transport Administration

> Waterways, Shipping and Environment - Towards a Sustainable Future? (9MB)
Esko Pettay, Operator, Sustainable Development and Weather, Meriaura Ltd.

> History, Present and the Future of Lake to Sea Shipping (6MB)
Jan van Dam
, Owner of Van Dam Shipping (Netherlands)

Via Lake Saimaa to the World – the Industry’s View on Today and Tomorrow
Anna Näsi
, Maritime Transport Manager, Yara

Inland Waterways as a part of Supply Chain in Saimaa
Esa Korhonen
, Logistic Manager, UPM

> Saimaa Canal Scanning - a Case Study (1MB)  Kari Pohjola, SeaHow, Meritaito Oy

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