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Lappeenranta Free Zone Ensures the Infrastructure of the Harbours

Lappeenranta Free Zone Oy administers the Lappeenranta City’s cargo, passenger, and small boat harbours and harbour traffic and manages their maintenance, development, and marketing.

The main aim of Lappeenranta Free Zone Oy is to ensure that the infrastructure of the city’s cargo, passenger, and small boat harbours provides companies, local people, and visitors with the best operating conditions that are achievable with the available resources.

Lappeenranta Free Zone Oy is responsible for the Port of Mustola (cargo), Kaupunginlahti Harbour (passengers), and small boat harbours, where the berths are mainly rented to local boaters. Guest harbours are located in Kaupunginlahti Harbour.

Port of Mustola

The Port of Mustola is the most important cargo port within the Saimaa Lake District and has water, road, and railroad connections. It is located along the Saimaa Canal less than 10 km from the centre of Lappeenranta, roughly 20 km from the Finnish-Russian border. On one side, the port area borders to main road 13, which leads to the Nuijamaa border crossing point. The port area also includes an industrial area and a free warehouse area.

The Port of Mustola has a railway connection to other parts of Finland and Europe and, through Russia, all the way to the Far East. Saimaa Canal is the only inland water route leading to the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. In the east, the water route is connected to the Russian river network, providing access as far as the River Volga. The Port of Mustola is a logistics centre for cargo traffic by road and rail.

Free Zone Status

Part of the Port of Mustola’s and Raippo areas owns ‘free zone -status’, i.e. an area or facility that is not covered by EU customs charges. European Community goods and duty-unpaid goods from outside the EU can be stored and handled in such areas.

Companies can rent warehouse space in Mustola and Raippo, where various companies provide logistics and forwarding services.

Other services

Lappeenranta Free Zone Oy provides easy access to Saimaa, Finland’s largest and most beautiful lakeland region. There are 21 small boat harbours in the City of Lappeenranta. Quay and buoy mooring spaces for ships and mooring spaces for rowboats are primarily rented to local boaters.

Small Boat Harbours

Lappeenranta Free Zone Oy rents out over 2,800 mooring spaces of various service levels in a total of 22 small boat harbours. Small boat harbours are distributed all over the city. The number of mooring spaces and landing sites meant for rowboats vary: some harbours include both, some only mooring spaces or landing sites. Availability of power and water points also varies. The width of individual mooring spaces is 2.0 - 4.5 metres. All ports have security services in summer and some have a 24/7 surveillance camera system.

Passenger Harbour

The passenger harbour is in Kaupunginlahti, in the centre of Lappeenranta. Various sized vessels make cruises to the Saimaa archipelago and to various other coastal destinations in the Saimaa Lake District. Cruises are also available to Vyborg and the Gulf of Finland via the Saimaa Canal.

More information:

Port of Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta Free Zone Oy Ltd

Port Director, Hannu Lappalainen

Lappeenranta Free Zone / The Port of Lappeenranta is a Member of the Finnish Waterways.


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