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Arctia Meritaito - Forerunner in Fairway Technologies and Services

Arctia Ltd is leading company in Finland and the Baltic Sea in fairway infrastructure and ice breaker services. Their professional staff and capable fleet provides first class services in hydrographic surveys, fairway maintenance, ice breaking and various kind of fairway, harbour and waterfront infrastructure projects. Arctia´s ice breaker services keep winter navigation going on to and from the harbours and occasionally they co-operate with Swedish and Russian Ice breaker fleets to guarantee smooth navigation for commercial vessels in the Baltic Sea in all winter conditions. Their ice breakers are available to support scientific and economical expeditions in arctic areas too.

Arctia´s subsidiary Arctia Meritaito is specialist in producing first class ice buoys and other AtoN’s with modern intelligent features for demanding conditions in the nordic sailing areas.

Their survey and inspection capability covers hydrographic, sampling, geoacoustic and geotechnical surveys from vessels and platforms as well as airborne lidar surveys. These services support hydrography, submarine pipeline, offshore wind farm, fairway and other marine construction projects. Their design and planning services are specialised for fairway planning in all aspects: dimensions, performance, AtoN’s, dredging etc. as well as harbour, quay and breakwater planning.

Arctia Meritaito´s inspections covers quays, breakwaters, locks, canals, dams and other underwater waterfront structures. They can offer geoacoustic and diver surveys for these purposes. Multibeam survey is modern and efficient way to map underwater structures efficiently to get general picture of the form and condition of structure and to get information for further studies and actions. The construction covers inspections and repair works for AtoN’s, quays and various marine and waterfront structures. Furthermore, the maintenance staff and fleet are expertise for fairway maintenance works in demanding conditions of the Baltic Sea. They construct, make installations and service for all kind of AtoN’s as well as maintenance of harbours, dams, quays, offshore plants and wind farms.

Arctia Meritaito designs, manufactures, sells, installs and maintenances SeaHow Ice Buoys in Finland and overseas. Most of these buoys are ordered by the Finnish fairway authorities and other local fairway operators. Nowadays significant and growing amount of Arctia Meritaito Buoys are exported.

Finnish Ice Buoys are designed to withstand the harsh ice and weather conditions during winter period. Often they are equipped with sensors and wireless communication that makes it possible remotely to monitor the buoys and other AtoN’s too on line. Monitored parameters are for example the location, lantern performance and battery power level. There are almost two thousand units of such intelligent buoys in the Finnish fairways and the amount is growing steadily. More than a hundred buoys are interactively controlled on line so that it is possible to adjust the light intensity according to prevailing visibility and weather conditions when navigating in the area.

For further information about the company > Arctia Meritaito Ltd

Arctia Meritaito Ltd is a Member of the Association of Finnish Waterways.


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